Parents Testimonials


  • Danica is doing good and haslearnt many things. She starts writing number and albhabet. She also starts behaving like a good girl. She loves to come to school. Thanks
    Raj K Singh (Father of Danica : Saplings)
  • Always been a great pleasure to see Ananya being groomed in most supportive and well guided manner. It is just fascinating to see her grow and gain various skills and knowledge. Many thanks for providing wonderful schooling.
    Madhu Singla (Mother of Ananya Singla: Saplings)
  • I have noticed a remarkable improvement in Rounak after sending him to School. He has developed a lot of skills that he has learnt here.
    Ruplekha (Mother of Rounak: Roots)
  • Keisha has shown improvemnet and has started tosay "Sorry". We look forward to more such improvements.
    Thankyou Teachers
    Swati (Mother of Keisha: Roots)
  • Everybody is so helpful and co-operative. Liked the School environment very much. Thanks all for your support.
    Monica (Mother of Riddhi: Roots)
  • We have seen a lot of improvement in her behaviour in couple of months. She has learn many new concepts. Her washroom habits have also improved.
    Ujjal BarmanKalpita Barman (Parents of Jayita Burman: Seedlings)
  • Teachers are very responsive if we ask them for any additional favour they do take care of it.
    Karan Singh (Father of Kautik; Seedlings)
  • Zeeshan has well settled in School and enjoys being here. We are happy with his progress. Thankyou Maa'am for encouragement and support.
    Bhawna Gulati ( Mother of Zeeshan: Seedlings)
  • Happy with the progress . She has started picking up everything well. Clear about concepts .
    AchalGargPreeti Garg (Parents of Ayana: Seedlings)
  • School is taking all measuves for the child to learn things. All the best to teachers for doing such good things.
    Rohit Kumar (Father of Aradhya: Seedlings)
  • We are very much pleased with the efforts and care given by school to our kid.
    Ashma (Mother of Rajdeep: Seedlings)
  • It's a good nurturing experience for my son. Staff is very supportive.
    Manpreet Kaur (Mother of Jaskeerat: Seedlings)
  • Happy to hear that child is mingling with the kids. And also happy to see her while she is dancing and story telling. Special thanks to Neha Ma'am and Ravinder Ma'am.
    Jhansi LaksmiKonatham (Mother of Geetaa Sri: Seedlings)
  • Naina is coming to school happily. Thanks to allMa'am for the efforts. Naina is learning lot of new things. Her confidence has also improved.
    Vasubhi Dhawan (Mother of Naina: Seedlings)