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One of the Best schools in Gurugram- Chalk Tree Global School

School is not the place to deliver formal education; it is where kids make the first movement out of their house, and where they are treated with the same love and empathy. At schools, children start socializing, build relations with their peers, learn to respect elders and other basic human values. At chalk Tree, we treat our children as a family to make them comfortable and feel safe. Moreover, our passion for excellence is what drives us to plunge deep in this sector and to maintain an accolade as one of the Best Schools in Gurugram. Keeping individual differences in mind, we believe that children can be taught in numerous ways rather than lading all with one approach. At an early stage, children are believed to learn through imitation, by getting involved in the play, or making self-exploration of surrounding things.

Children are curious by nature, and to raise this curiosity to the brim, we provide a favorable environment and plenty of opportunities. We encourage them to watch others, to put up questions, to listen, read and write efficiently. Our progressive and nurturing environment and quality teachers all entails in the holistic development of children. Our staff is filled with patience, dedication, and sensitivity to deal with kids at this very early stage.

Irrespective of cultures, religions languages boundaries we receive students from all around Gurgaon, this helped us justify the satisfaction and belief rendered in us by parents. Our daycare section, pre-primary and primary - 1st to 5th grade are individualized but integrated to promote social understanding. As the fundamentals of social skills, sense of worth, moral cognizance, and acuity of the physical world are laid during early years.

We plan and implement strategies that promote physical health, cognitive and intellectual development social-emotional development, and language development. We prop up learning through free and guided play, play-based programs, thematic programs, festive celebrations. We ensure the active involvement of children in all activities that entail creative and innovative efforts. For this, we use art and craft, singing, dancing, music, role play, puppet games, exercise, educational games, reciting rhymes, storytelling. Our deft administrators, teachers, and caregivers promote child-centered learning programs to ensure students comfort and interest. Along with this, we deem healthy eating, physical activity, health, neighborhood and local community as an important aspect of child’s development and cater all this with greater efficiency.

To count for two decades later, we can envisage the extent of technology and its approach and thus we keep improving to enrich our resources with professional development and technical assistance. We have equipped all our rooms with live CCTV coverage, to ensure 100% safety as that’s our utmost priority. All this helps us to maintain a niche as one of the Best schools in Gurugram.

Every parent longs to admit their children in a renowned school. Chalk Tree Global School is one of the best schools in Gurugram. We provide a safe, secure and comfortable environment for children to grow and learn.

What Makes Chalk Tree Best School in Gurugram?

At Chalk Tree, we emphasize on the overall growth and development of every child. We strive hard to make our school the perfect place for self-exploration. Here’s what sets us apart from others.

  • Dedication to providing an excellent education
  • Emphasis on the strengths of every child
  • A tolerant environment
  • Excellent Facilities at Best School in Gurugram

    The best schools should not emphasize only on academic excellence. Students must be encouraged to pursue lessons in interesting ways includin:

    • Thematic learning programs
    • Creative and Innovative teaching
    • Special sessions for cognitive development
    • Chalk Tree Global School is the best school in Gurugram. It caters to a child’s overall development and maintains amicable relationships with parents. Talk to us at +91 7701872424 or +91 8800885560 for admission enquiry and other information.