Beyond Curriculum

Beyond Curriculum

We introduce several extra-curricular activities every week so that we allow the child to see where their interests lie, build a repertoire of skills and also take these to the classroom and their lives itself.

Our team of highly skilled, passionate and innovative individuals cultivates a secure learning environment that motivates the learners to discover their potential and enhance their skills in the field of academics, sports, art, culture, and moral values, social & environmental responsibilities.


C – Comprehensive system of evaluation
H – Holistic approach
I – Integrity of speech, thoughts & actions
L – Love of learning through inquiry
D – Discovery, and exploration


F.O.M.O or Fear of Missing Out is a real thing for well-meaning parents like you and me in this super competitive world that is expecting our kids to be acing everything. Parents always feel the pressure if they are doing enough for their kids in terms of exposure to different activities or nurturing the interest in their child’s field of choice. We hear you. We understand you.

We introduce several extra-curricular activities every week so that we allow the child to see where their interests lie, build a repertoire of skills and also take these to the classroom and their lives itself. The boundaries between curricular and extra-curricular are not rigid ones but those that allow for a smooth flow and cementing their experiences to derive meaningful conclusions.


We have Bridge Music Classes for age group 5+, a Garden Club teaching children about planting and gardening, Master chef classes that develop their interest in kitchen, Yoga and swimming classes to aid children’s development physically and Fiction Story and Role plays to enhance their imagination power.

If you find your child inclined to sports, do not forget to check out our:
– Indoor Play Area specially designed to be a stimulating and recreational place for children.
– Splash Pool, a fun space made safe through design and strict supervision.

Coming Up
– Basket Ball
– Tennis
– VolleyBall
– Badminton
– Table Tennis
– Sand Play – Sand Play brings out the creativity in a child as well as work further on their motor skills. Playing in the sand is a great opportunity for children to have unstructured play time.
– Adventure Zone- The Adventure Zone is situated on the school premises and offers structured and fun activities.


Air Conditioned Class Rooms
The classrooms are spacious, airy and well-ventilated. They are well equipped with display boards, boards, cupboards and independent lockers for each child. They provide a neat and clean ambience to the children enabling them to develop academically and socially in a friendly atmosphere.

Parent App
Using our mobile app parents can easily get the daily update on their phone regarding your child activities, learning, sleeping and eating schedules.
Our school generates special monthly reports that summaries your child monthly progress and activities participation.
All of our school communication updates parents through email, SMS, and in-app notification

The classrooms have smart boards which make learning interactive an interesting for every student.

The school library has an exhaustive collection of age-appropriate school books to inculcate the essential habit of reading from the pre-primary stage itself. We encourage children to explore their interests with a wide variety of books and reference materials.
“Any book that helps a child to form a habit of reading, to make reading one of his needs, is good for him.” —Maya Angelou
Keeping this in mind the school is equipped with a modern, well-stocked library. Our children look forward to their library periods with great enthusiasm. Sitting in the peaceful, well-lit library and learning are what we count amongst the formative experiences for our young children. They discover the joy of opening a book and entering a new world.

Well Equipped Labs
Science Laboratory – The science labs provide an array of instruments and other equipment for children to try out illustrative experiments so that their learning is strengthened through these activities. Application of knowledge is clearer as they “Do & Learn” concepts.

Multi-Purpose Hall
The school boasts of a spacious Multi-Purpose Auditorium with the seating capacity of 800 people and state of the art light and sound system. Various events and functions of the school are held in the air-conditioned auditorium, providing numerous opportunities to the students to face the audience and speak on the mike.

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