Primary (Class 1 -5)

“Play is the only way the highest intelligence of humankind can unfold.” -Joseph Pearce

At the Primary level from Grade 1 to V, the basic skills in all subjects would be further enhanced and higher level skills would be introduced to challenge students and stimulate their interest. The students would experience the joy of learning, gain a deep understanding of important concepts, develop research and experimental skills and learn to accept personal responsibility for actions, decisions, and outcomes.

We would be further enhancing these skills as the child progresses to the Middle and Senior school level.

We follow a multi-modality learning curriculum that will train the children to reach desired levels of understanding by using their various faculties and intelligence. Students are expected to be independent thinkers, develop critical reading, writing and analysis skills, learn to understand the value of research across all areas of the curriculum and be self – motivated and self-driven through a genuine love of the subject.